Real Testimonials from Clients. Thanks to those who took their time to contribute !

 “My experience with Joseph was been truly transformative. Having suffered with shoulder and upper back pain and discomfort for a number of years, I was beginning to accept it, losing hope that it would improve. I first met Joseph during my Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Hub. His vast insight and different approach to neuromuscular physical therapy was remarkable. 

Joseph approached my first physical therapy session in a way that I hadn’t experienced before with previous physical therapists. He does not focus on solely the area of issue but analyses the body as a whole. After all, our entire body is inter-connected, something we often lose sight of when dealing with injuries as we so desperately try to fix just that one problem. Using this approach, Joseph has opened my eyes, helping me to understand that the body is not a multitude of several parts acting on their own. An issue in one part of our body could be stemming from another area which needs attention or possibly even having a knock-on effect somewhere else, causing further damage. For me, it highlighted building tension in my hips, hamstrings and knees. This has really made me more aware of how I use my body for the better in terms of my day-to-day lifestyle, the activities I partake in from a physical standpoint, but also how I take care of my body. 

My shoulder mobility has significantly improved in the last few months with substantially less discomfort, as well as feeling reduced tension through my hips, knees and hamstrings, having had several sessions with Joseph, including attending one of his incredible myofascial restorative workshops. Joseph’s genuine passion for his work and desire to make an impact for the better with his clients is refreshing to see and to experience. My body feels healthy for the first time in quite a few years. I couldn’t recommend his physical therapy sessions and workshops enough. I haven’t looked back. “

– Niamh McCarthy  

December 2019

“As a physiotherapist, I am very particular who I would refer onto and who I would tie my name with. Joseph is bar far one of the most knowledgeable therapists I have worked alongside over the years. He adapts his pressure and needs accordingly and he will truly with give an individually tailored treatment plan. Helped out with a few of my sore spots over the year. Great person also.”

Laura, Physiotherapist

“I was introduced to Joe through MDC physiotherapy in Kildare Town, and as a manager of GAA teams, I am very particular in respect of the physiotherapists who I would continually use and recommend to other GAA teams. However, I would have no hesitations in recommending Joe as I found him extremely professional, attentive, appreciative of the demands on GAA players and one of the most knowledgeable therapists I have worked with. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

David, GAA Manager.

“A highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist that has provided excellent service each time I’ve visited. Not to mention a great guy. Highly recommend!!”

Karl, Personal Trainer

“Highly recommended! I had two sessions with Joey to address pain caused by sports injuries, and am so glad I did.

In addition to Joseph being a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled bodywork practitioner, he’s also very relatable, which made the sessions enjoyable as well as functional. 5 stars for helping get me back on the path of recovery, thank you.”

-Lisa Feb 2017

“Wow, so impressed!
Joseph has the awesome combo of great technical skill AND intuitive awareness to deliver it without force. I’ve been to remedial therapists in the past who’ve had good mechanical skills but they’ve pushed too far into the pain of trouble spots so that the body actually ends up contracting against it.

It was such a beautiful experience to have deep work so elegantly delivered in just the right way. I could feel my energy body expanding and valuable insights dropping in as he worked on me.
Highly recommended!”
-Arya (massage therapist), December 2016

“Joseph clearly knew my body well, how my muscles, ligaments and tendons all attach and work. He knew exactly which bits to target and how much pressure to apply.. very impressed with his intuitive and experienced approach to addressing my issue.

Thanks, Joseph!”

-Ian October, 2016

“Joey was my first Sports massage therapist recommended by my Physio & I’m so glad! He sorted long term issues out & continued to fix me, reduce pain & help me manage playing 3 sports, 2 of them contact.

He also taught me about looking after my body for myself & the positive value of rest and even relaxation! A true challenge! He is a skilled practitioner but also patient & kind and cares about treating the whole person. I’d highly recommend Joseph.”

-Wendy, September 2016

“Joey was my anatomy teacher on my Yoga Teacher Training course in India Where he was able to communicate anatomy in a way that everyone could understand the human body & its functions.

During this period, I discovered some physical weakness (whilst doing an exceptional amount of yoga), which Joey treated me with instant results.
Through practising the exercises he gave me, I have been fully rehabilitated which has thoroughly improved my yoga practice & subsequently changed my life.

I would highly recommend Joey as a Practitioner & a Teacher.

Thanks Joey 

-Karina – September 2016