Myo-Fascial Release

TIGHT hips and legs from cycling or running?

TIRED shoulders from over practising?

PAIN in your neck after being sat at your desk too long?

If any or all of these apply to you, then active recovery is exactly what you need. A fusion between yoga and physical therapy, Joseph has designed a 90-minute class to restore your sore bodies and put the spring back into your step, just in time for the weekend!

Myo-fascial release:

Together we will be going through a set of powerfully releasing and healing exercises, that I have presented to hundreds of clients over the last 5 years, with relaxing results.

You will need some simple tools like a tennis ball and some space where you can comfortably switch off, while you watch & hear my instructions.

The exercises will be a little challenging you to come into your breath, and in that place, we find a connection to ourselves, resilience to rebuild the skill of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Afterwards, you may be sleepy and tired this is ok, this is the rest and digest system working. It’s very normal to be emotional after entering the rest and digest place, in fact, this is normal most of the time. Make sure to ask for the support you need.  

Book a Myo-fascial release webinar here:

Using tennis balls, Joseph educates on how to relieve muscle tension, release connective tissue and target pressure points in your muscles.


A mixture of yin and restorative asanas, ensures you leave feeling relaxed as well as restored.

All levels welcome, as well as those with injuries, as Joseph offers modifications to tailor the class to your needs; If you do have an injury, please arrive a little early to discuss.


Though a full assessment is not possible due to time constraint, where general advice is offered up gladly by Joseph during or after the class.