Empower your teaching with a deeper understanding of anatomy

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welcome to our website, at Equinox we are all about finding the balance, and helping you grow. we offer a range of self development opportunities for you to be able to advance your teaching becoming a safer, more effective and satisfied teacher.


live Webinars and classes – ask questions before and during these live study groups.

On Demand – Watch and digest at your leisure.

1:1 Coaching: enter a powerful relationship with a coach who will keep you accountable on your personal development Journey


The study of the body will allow you to embody your practice further.

These 1.5 -hour sessions will be run like a study group and are suitable for developing practitioners and teachers, your welcome to ask me questions. Each week we will cover different areas and look at the common problems that can affect these areas. We can discuss ways we can adapt our practice to work with these areas. 

Like all of our offerings you can choose your payment via a sliding scale

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Practitioner coaching:

Engaging a professional coach is taking a step on your personal development journey, finding balance in the midst of changing times and developing that connection to self in order to develop a , Yoga is all about self development, by engaging a supportive professionally trained coach you are ensuring that you are have some one at your back while you journey down the path to becoming a satisfied empowered teacher challenging you to take the steps that you identify your ready but perhaps a little unwilling to take. Start the adventure by booking a chat with a coach specialising in developing yoga professionals here: